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BUREAU VERITAS Certification

ISO 9001 approved Bureau Veritas.

Quality Policy

TIRSO GOMEZ S.R.L.´s mission is to provide quality patches, cements and compounds for repairing tubes and tyres, at competitive prices in order to ensure:

Customer´s complete satisfaction.
A comprehensive joint development with suppliers.
The respect of the rights of all individuals in the community where the company operates.
Compliance with all environmental regulations.

To this end, our Quality Policy is that all employees involved in the continuous pursuit of customer satisfaction, make every effort aimed at:

Identifying explicit and implicit needs of customers with respect to changes in performance and design.
 Manufacturing materials for tyre repair of outstanding design, performance and value, supplying products and services in a fast and flexible way.
Directing efforts towards the constant search for process and product improvement in order to meet and exceed market´s specifications and customer´s expectations.
Ensuring the pursuit of total quality in all company sectors.
Motivating and training staff, providing a healthy and safe work environment.
Maintaining our commitment to the care of the environment.

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