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Additional specifications:

TUBE REPAIR COMPOUND: Uncured rubber compound formulated for tube repairs.

HIGH TEMPERATURE CUSHION GUM: Uncured rubber compound formulated to laminate patches without cushion gum TG TLC, TGC, TG TLC OTR y TGC OTR used in high temperature curing processes in mould and sectional presses.

SKIVE FILLING COMPOUND: Cut and wear resistant uncured rubber compound for skive filling in mould, autoclave and sectional presses. Skive should be first coated with BLACK HEATING CEMENT.

PRECURED RUBBER: Uncured rubber compound used for tread application and to laminate TG TLC, TGC, TG TLC OTR y TGC OTR patches without cushion gum in autoclave heat cure processes. Provides excellent adhesion and stress resistance.


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